Human Hearts Foundation

Written by Arno Strydom

I have been living in Uitenhage for the past 30 years.  I have always known that there are worlds within our world, but this Covid-19 virus has highlighted the disparities in our communities.

In Uitenhage, the community started a project in terms of which you were a yellow ribbon when shopping.  This would indicate that you were needy, and other shoppers could assist you financially with your purchases.  This initiative resulted in and grew to affixing a yellow ribbon, and if you did not have a yellow ribbon, a yellow plastic bag, to your home, gate or post-box, to indicate a need.
Upon receipt of our first consignment of meals from Human Hearts Foundation, my wife and I drove to Dr Braun, De Mist and Central in Uitenhage, no more than 5km from my world, and what an eye opener it was! When we saw the houses in the streets lined with yellow plastic bags, I was overcome with a sense of helplessness.  The need, the desperate need, was much closer and far greater that I could ever have imagined.
I felt too shy to stop at houses where the neighbours were out in the yards as I could not help all of them and I did not want to give to the one and not to the other.  You see, as your car slowly moves down the street the people in the yard instinctively move toward the fence or pavement in anticipation that this is, or could be, or would be, the help they have been hoping or praying for.  Sitting in the luxury of my car I was overwhelmed with emotions of sadness, anger, helplessness, gratitude, joy and there and then I made a commitment to let my Jesus light shine for these brothers and sisters of mine in need.
I decided to volunteer my time and resources to advance the course of the Humans Hearts Foundation.