The Church Has Left The Building

A Message From Our Lead Pastor, Jacques.

COVID - 19 Waypoint Response

Afternoon All

Sjoe, in mid February someone posted the following saying “ January was a long Year” This has been an extremely busy year, and things have happened at a dramatical pace. Not only the level of activity, but the high level of volatility experienced in the world. Another saying someone shared is that, all who blamed 2019 and proclaimed how glad they are it is over, must now apologise to 2019, given the dynamics already experienced in 2020. “Smiling Face”

Let us practically discuss this event and maybe just share how we are navigating through it. We believe, it is exactly in these times, that we have the opportunity to live our new commandment that Jesus gave us…”Love one another as I have loved you”

At Waypoint, we would like to encourage all to be diligent in our obedience to the leadership that God has placed over us - whether what they say makes sense or not. We are to submit to our leadership, but never place anyone or anything above our love for God and God Himself. He is the only King. Nobody can take His love away from you. So please adhere to their instructions.

As Waypoint Community, we are all about our community and to let His love, His life practical flow from us unto others.

We would like to share some initiatives that we are busy with. First  some general information:

Please note there will be no Sunday or Lifegroup Gatherings - everything will be virtual.

So, if you are technology challenged, may I suggest you phone the support line we have setup for you (041 360 9742).

Otherwise,  there will be clear instructions on our website at

Louis Giglio posted a slogan, so true to my heart and the reason we started Waypoint, - “The Church has finally left the Building”

Yes, this is profound, for if you have been taught that Your spiritual life is separate from your physical life, this statement hopefully intrigued you to stay tuned…
Jesus established a new covenant, which through His blood, established us into His Kingdom. This made us worthy and holy, so that Holy Spirit can dwell in us, making each one of us His temple…Yes, you and I, are the temple of God, we are His Church. Let us reflect His nature in our daily lives and let us reflect His Nature in the way we trust and rely on Him, to be His life in us and touching others…

The essence of our lives is defined in the statement - Christ in me, the hope of glory…

We are the special message, the testimony, that the Gospel of Jesus offers way more than religion. We have failed in the past to live this reality, but now is the time for the truth to manifest through us - He offers life, He is life and we are to reflect Him.

Therefore, we will do our utmost as the Waypoint team, as people following Jesus habitually, that we are there for one another - not based on what we can get because, we have received all already through Him, but what we have to give and how we can serve others…

We would love to serve you - and we have actioned the following initiatives, to stay in contact and be part of the talk “ the chatter” that builds and establishes LIFE, not break it down or bring fear or false teaching of God and His role in this event… We do not want money, we do not want anything from you. We want everything FOR you. We want to reflect life unto you and be the hope to you, as He has asked all of us to be.

We do need you to do a couple of things in the next two days before lockdown, 
  • Make sure you have sufficient Data and or WiFi for your household.
  • Reserve your cash, do not buy anything but the necessities.  If you can, buy an extra can of food - or the like - to give to whomever the Holy Spirit guides you to bless, do so.
  • Think of those who has minimal income, no work no pay conditions, yet has to stay in lockdown - serve them first. I even want to go this far to say, tithe where HS leads you to tithe, but know you give what God entrusts you with - the 90%. That is what will be multiplied and this is where we demonstrate our Love… Give abundantly. A meal a day -  if you make food, maybe make an extra plate and we will have people collecting it and sharing it with those in need.

We  are in the process, in support of the instructions given by Government, yet still ensuring community and Spiritual growth, to offer you and bless you as community and thus sowing to each one out there with :
  1. A Helpline to support everyone out there -  people who is not connected in community, but also people already in our community. This detail will be on our website. 
  2. For the past two days, the team has setup a remote studio where we are recording songs and messages for us, which we will stream to you for Sunday Experiences and for your Community groups to use. As Waypointers, we are all about inviting people into community, connecting with people with care and intentionality, serving people, as Jesus has shown us, and to give our time, love, resources, energy to help others to get into a living relationship with Jesus and one another - without any limits or expectation.
So Waypointers: keep inviting people on your social platform, be open to serving, (Contact and register with Silke on Guest services. We will list areas to serve on the website, where you can register and our team will contact you. We will also allow for an area (Private site) where you can request support. These services could include you volunteering to pray with people on the support line, it could be that you are able to drive and can look after the elders to assist with shopping etc. (while complying to the regulations). Tiaan and Maryka will engage with you regarding our events. Your social media first contact will be Silke, whom will direct any issues to myself or respective Team Leader.
  3. This week,  your Community group Leaders (Lifegroup) will receive training and guidance from your Group Pastor, Dirk , to setup virtual rooms, in order for you to still do life together, even braai virtually…There’s also initiatives like gaming events etc. planned for the kids, so please keep your eyes open in this regard. The group leaders will be informed and will be key in this network.  They will also receive instruction regarding Kids ministry material and how to approach it.
  4. A Facebook group -  to be launched to enable us to offer a safe community environment to engage and hear a single source of truth and help you to govern your thoughts to the truth are launched. This is to help you filter and support you not to be impacted by negative talk. It is also a site where you stay in touch and can have daily conversations, we intend releasing daily messages, blogs and topics like dietary ideas etc. Find it here: 
  5. Great news! (Although this was intended to be for our new venue launch) we will launch our own Waypoint Mobile app, which will give you streaming, chat rooms, reading material etc, to engage dynamically within the community or privately, protecting you from outside negative influences. This app will have all the material you will need to engage with your children and extended families. Please minimise the noise, but grow relationally with God and others…

We are so excited, because of who you are, what God has already done in your lives and we believe that His love will prevail in awesome stories testifying of who He is.

Be safe, be responsible, and take care..

We are just a phone call, Skype, Facebook, Website and our new app away.

We are there for you.

Love, Jacques