Community Outreach

MBCM Partnership - One house a month

We are proud to announce our ‘One House a Month’ project is ready to start.  Our first house for February we will do on Saturday the 5th of March.  This is an ideal project for your group to get involved in and make a difference in other people’s lives. This is a house in Kwa Nobuhle, where there was a fire and the house was damaged as a result of the fire.
Ways to get involved:  

Prayer for the project, 
making food/refreshments for the day, 
helping out on the day - physical labour, 
or by donating money or material for the project. We are going to put a new Nutec Fibre Cement roof sheets on a section of the roof, and redo the electrical wiring that was damaged.  We will also paint two rooms in the house.  We would like to redo the ceiling if it is possible and based on donations received. This is an amazing opportunity to meet new people and people that you normally would not have met.  It is also a big opportunity to show people that we care and that their community and the city cares about them. We want to leave the message with them - ‘We care about you, because God cares about you.’  Help us give hands and feet to God’s love. If you want to get involved or participate contact Dirk -