Since day one, we've hoped Waypoint would be a welcoming environment that makes it easy for anyone to connect, while making life better for the people in our windy city, even those who may never step through our doors. It is our hope that no matter your faith story or belief background, you will find a place at Waypoint.

Waypoint has a new home! 

We are super excited to dream with you! Let's build our new home together.
Let us know how you can help by filling in the forms below.

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I Belong - Waypoint Music

Our first ORIGINAL single is out now on all streaming platforms!!

Go have a listen and SHARE the song with all your friends and family. This song is our anthem for the next season we as a faith community are moving in.
This song is for all to know that they are LOVED and that they BELONG.

The song is also available to listen for FREE on our Waypoint SA App!!!

we are really glad you are here!

Due to public health concerns related to COVID-19, there will be no on-site services for the next few weeks.  Please join us online!
If you find yourself in need of prayer, any form of help, or if you are able to assist those in need, please click on the "CARE LINE" button. 

Join us for Sunday Online.

We will be streaming our experiences every Sunday morning at 09:30

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For the family!

Grade  0 - R

We have a ton of online goodies for you!
Bible story,  music video's and a fun craft idea.

GRade  1 - 5

We’re excited to bring the fun of Sundays at church right into your home!

GRade  6 - 8

We can't wait to connect with you on Zoom on Sunday morning @ 10:45!

GRade  8 - 12

We can't wait to connect with you on Zoom on Fridays @ 18:00!