Since day one, we've hoped Waypoint would be a welcoming environment that makes it easy for anyone to connect, while making life better for the people in our windy city, even those who may never step through our doors. It is our hope that no matter your faith story or belief background, you will find a place at Waypoint.

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When we ask ourselves the right questions, answer honestly, then act appropriately, we make better decisions with fewer regrets. But what are the questions we should be asking? In this series, we'll discuss five of them.
Part 1 - Deciding Our Way Forward.
We never know what or who hangs in the balance of the decisions we make. But we do know that our decisions determine the direction and quality of our life.

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The Chosen - Season One

The Chosen is the first-ever multi-season series based on the true stories of the gospels of Jesus Christ. Series creator Dallas Jenkins wanted to create a series about Jesus that could be "binge watched." Jenkins' intention was not only to dig deeper into the people who encountered Jesus and to see Jesus through the eyes of those who met him, but also to show him in a way that is more "personal, intimate, immediate."
The first season introduces Jesus and the calling of his initial disciples. The second season focuses on the beginning of his public ministry and what happens as word of his ministry begins to spread.
You can find it now on the Waypoint SA App, where you can watch it for free. Each episode in the series also include a discussion guide attached with it, so that you can watch it with others and have a discussion.