What God is busy with and how to become a part of it?

Written by Lee-ann Viljoen

We often hear people say “we have to become a part of what God is busy with, not the other way around”.  But what does this mean and how can we know what God is busy with?

Firstly, I have to think in a new way about what happens to me and those around me and how that is a part of the story of God.
We live in the information age.  Information literally is all around us; at our finger tips, on television, radio and social media, but most of it seems to be bad news, not very uplifting or God-honouring.  So the question is: where do we look for information of what God is busy with?  The answer is not what you might think and it is not necessarily in the Bible.

One of the best ways to learn more about what the Lord is busy with; is from ordinary everyday people who share their own experiences.  Sharing with others how God has impacted their lives.   Impacted the lives of their children, their friends or the lives of their families.  A big part of this is to listen to what people say God did for them, that they could not do for themselves.
If you consider that we were created to bring honour and glory to God, our Creator;  then everything we say and do should point to God and shift the focus to Him.  This is one of the very best ways how we become part of what God is busy with, to start telling God stories.

Then that we can take it even further by looking at what the most common stories are, that people in our area are telling about God?  If we can see what God is busy doing in different areas or communities in our city, and we start putting these stories together, we will start seeing a bigger picture of what God is busy doing.  Not only in cities, but in our nation.
So it all starts with the story I can tell of God working in my life.  If you don’t have a story to tell yet, then start by listening to stories people around you are sharing.  This way we learn to recognise the way in which God works and we will recognise God working in our own life.  By sharing your story - you are sharing God with other people.