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Waves Crash
by Alta de Lange on January 19th, 2022
It is a new year and with it there are new waves of opportunities crashing on the shore. It is easy to look back at the past two years and be consumed by the negativity that the world has brought to the forefront. However, this is not what God has called us into.“Finally brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever ...  Read More
by Alta de Lange on October 29th, 2021
Are you all in? This is a hard question to ask ourselves when it comes to our relationship with God. However, it is a question that we all need to seriously meditate on. We live in a world that promotes self-sufficiency and mistrust. We believe that we need to be independent at all costs and that we know best. We tell ourselves that if you want something done you need to do it yourself. Unfortunat...  Read More
Free will hurts
by Alta de Lange on August 24th, 2021
Have you ever been hurt by somebody in the church? How about friends or family? If you’re a human reading this (which I most certainly hope you are) your answer to these questions is probably “yes”.The reason why this happens is pretty simple, it’s because Satan wants you to walk around with hurt in your heart. After-all, it is often those that we love the most that end up hurting us the most. Sat...  Read More
The Brightest star - The lonely road of Leadership
by Alta de Lange on July 14th, 2021
It was a Friday night after a braai at my friend Dave’s house. I was busy driving home in the dark, as load-shedding was still going on. I finally arrived home and noticed how beautiful the stars were amidst the power-outage in the city.It was for this very reason that I decided to slowdown for about 25 minutes and just admire the wonders of God’s creation. As I was looking out at the stars, I not...  Read More
The things of this world will never satisfy you
by Alta de Lange on June 15th, 2021
The things of this world will never satisfy you. They will only leave you unimpressed and depressed. You will only ever find true satisfaction through the Father, Son and Spirit.Marriage, work, money, status, cars, your dream physique none of these will fulfil you. You can only be complete through the undeserved grace and mercy of God. In this way, through means of full surrender and setting aside...  Read More
Life is Spiritual
by Alta de Lange on May 19th, 2021
It was a Monday night at Waypoint and me and Janelle arrived early for the Young Adult’s Life Group (or Community group as the newer members might call it). Seeing as we were there before anybody else, we decided to play a bit of pool.We were nearing the end of our first game and Janelle was leading far. The victory was literally in arms reach of her and I hadn’t even gotten one ball in at this po...  Read More