For us at Waypoint, we have always been called to release people into ministry and to make a difference in people’s lives.  Ministry for us, is life itself.

As a faith community we can’t only address the spiritual needs of people. We are also called to look after people’s physical needs. That is why we have decided to respond to the food need that a lot of people are experiencing during the lock-down period.
Human Hearts Foundation is a NPO and PBO. It was established to achieve the vision to transform our city and nation by transforming people’s character as we impact our families, schools and businesses.

 People have the opportunity to direct funds into this platform, and the resources are then channeled through partnerships and the Waypoint Community to reach those in need. All distribution is done via pastors and church leaders in the respective communities of need,
that have the permits to do so.

We also want to thank those individuals and businesses that have contributed funds into Human Hearts, allowing us to purchase and obtain materials to put together food parcels for distribution.

It is amazing for us to be able to partner with other churches and organisations in order to make a difference. A special thanks to Storehouse, NCMI, and JTTN for inviting us to be part of the broader network, and blessing us as well to be able to share the love of Christ.
Thank you for donating your time. Thank you to the people that are packing and making the food parcels. Also for donating money.

Know that 100% of what you donate to the food project goes to food parcels and feeding someone. It is encouraging to know that every R1 that you give goes directly to alleviating the food need that somebody has.

We also partner with people and leaders in the communities where we distribute to make sure that the people that are receiving food parcels are the ones that really need it. That is the benefit of networking with a wide group as it grows your footprint and your effectiveness.

So, once again, thank you for your time, effort, and money. We greatly appreciate it and know that we use it effectively. Tonight someone will be able to go to sleep with a full stomach because you have decided to make a difference.
IT Ref no. 9203643227     -     PBO no. 930054277      -     NPO 135-790

Thank you for contributing to make it possible 

Please make Contributions to the Food Project to: 

Human Hearts Foundation  |  Bank: First National Bank (FNB)
Account Type: Business Account  |  Account Number: 62410666476
Branch Code: 210050  |  Branch Name: Metlife Mall