Food Project News - 27 July 2020

A huge thank you to all our sponsors, Waypoint volunteers and partners who took our hands in the emergency relief service of the Human Hearts Foundation.  We thank God for all the support and for the opportunity to serve our communities in need.
With the help of about 35 volunteers we have already distributed about
132 888 meals.
We are continuing with the Food Project, but it will depend on the incoming donations and availability of food parcels.

Food Project News - 5 June 2020

It is amazing to see what can be achieved when people with open hands and hearts work together.  Thank you for being part and supporting this project. You have made a difference in other people's lives.
This month we were able to help families in Malabar, Greenbushes, Motherwell, Algoa Park, Walmer Township, Uitenhage and other neighbourhoods.

Food Project News - 19 May 2020

We want you to be informed about what is happening with our Food Project and where your donations are going to.  Thank you for being part of something bigger and for making a difference in other people's lives.
Last week we were able to help  70 families with no income with 700 bags of food packs in Walmer Township.

Food Project News - 12 May 2020


We want to thank those individuals, farmers, churches and businesses that have contributed food and funds into Human Hearts, allowing us to purchase and obtain materials to put together food parcels for distribution. 


We want to thank every person taking time to pack and seal meals.  A big thank you to all packers, transporters and the 'behind-the-seen' admin people.  Without you this would not be possible.  


We were able to feed 9 101 people, 3 730 Adults and 5 371 Children, in different communities with 39 986 meals.
These communities included:  Malabar;  Motherwell;  Walmer and Uitenhage .

A message from Zola Moses, our Motherwell Pastor:

I would like to thank Waypoint, and the team, that made it possible for some families in Motherwell to have a meal during these challenging times.  The poorest of the poor are counting on those who have, to share and bless their lives as they continue to struggle through this trying time.

It's always heart-warming to see the excitement and eyes welling-up with gratitude like children's as we deliver the parcels to those individuals and families that are in need.  Thanks to Jacques, Jacqueline and the team that are raising funds and the team that packs the parcels and the team that delivers to all of us in our respective places of residence.  "Little is much, when given with love and God is in it”.

The majority of our homes here are granny headed and child headed, which means there's mostly no formal family structure with fathers and mothers which gives family the stable support it needs.  And most of our families rely on pensions or grant money to survive.  This amount is dependant on how many receive grants and the number of dependants in each household.  Since this lockdown, many have turned to Matshonisas (loan sharks) to survive.  This in itself puts families in an even worse situation than they were.  The strong are taking advantage of the weak (dog eat dog kind of a situation).

Through our LifeGroups, we have been able to help virtually educate some of our people.  Amongst other things we shared ways of saving the little money and food they have to make sure it lasts them for the month ahead.  This is not an easy thing to tell people who have literally nothing but it's the least we can do during these trying times.  

What has been worse is the loss of jobs due to the extended lockdown which does not favour the domestic workers and general construction workers who make up the majority of bread winners in our township homes.

We are grateful for the body of Christ that is pulling together and we encourage you to continue praying for the families that are living in Motherwell and facing some real and serious challenges.