Sunday Experiences

First Service - 08:30 am | Second Service - 10:00 am


You can expect the Sunday experiences to last 60 minutes, consisting out of welcoming, music and message segments.
Our messages are delivered by our pastors Dirk van der Mescht, Tiaan Spies & Jacques Whittle. We do a video message now and then.
At the best of times it was difficult to meet people. Co-Vid, has compounded that problem for us. We haven’t even fully grasped the negative impact of that socially and from a behavioural perspective. Then you ad going to church into that mix and the chances of that happening drops significantly. That is why we started Waypoint. We wanted to start a church that doesn’t look or feel like church. Well, what would the point of that be then?  That is kind of the conclusion that we have come to. The things that we connect with ‘church’ and going to ‘church’ actually isn’t that important at all. We made it important and because of that people’s perception is that it is important.  These things are also often the reason why people are resistant to church. Being a Christian we have connected to what happens inside of a specific building at a specific time. Being a Christian is all about being a Christ-follower. Being like Jesus and it starts with a relationship.  A relationship with Jesus.

Like any relationship, it grows, develops and strengthens.  If it stagnates - it dies.  That is why our focus in Waypoint is to lead people into a living relationship with Jesus. Like a meaningful relationship you are committed to it 24/7.  It is a Monday to Sunday relationship and not just for an hour on a Sunday. So you can see why church (what happens when we come together on Sunday for an hour) is very insignificant to all the other hours that you spend in your week.  Sunday then becomes about the person next to me. I am in a relationship with Jesus and because of that the focus shifts from me receiving on a Sunday to me giving on a Sunday.  How do I give my time and my energy to help the person next to me taste and experience Jesus? You don’t have to do weird or strange things - you do normal everyday things, but there is an intentionality behind it.  More importantly, there is a real and genuine interest in the person that stands across from you. So if you aren’t serving yet and you feel that nudge - reach out and let us know.  We have very skilled leaders in the different areas that will coach you and guide you through the on-boarding process. If you haven’t joined us yet on a Sunday, know that we have a group of people that are giving their time and energy because they are that excited to meet you and welcome you.

Other things happening on SUNDAY MORNINGS:

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