Our Beliefs

In everything we strive to be in step with the Holy Spirit. We work in relationships, living the love of Jesus. People are more important than buildings or structures.
All sinners are welcome. You don’t have to be sorted to belong. It is better to give than to receive – we believe in irrational generosity.
We will do anything short of sin to get people into a living relationship with Christ.
We are willing to do the things that people aren’t doing in order to reach the people that they aren’t reaching.
We are big-thinking, bet the farm – risk takers.

Who we are

Our Mission

To inspire people to follow Jesus Christ.

Our Strategy

We create environments where people can experience intimacy with God, have community with other believers and influence people outside the faith community.

Our Activities

We attend Sunday experiences.  We join a Life Group to share life with other followers of Christ. We serve as a volunteer (where there is a need for strategic service) according to our gifts in one of the five focus areas: main experience, kids areas, band/ music, Life Groups and hosting. We actively participate in building God’s kingdom here on earth by giving back what we receive from Him.



Symbolises Fishers of Men and discipleship, sending people out and not only being a place of comfort. 


Shows growth, a place to find nutrients. 

The Cross

The centre of the service and organisation. 


The message and good news.


“People of the Way” (Followers of Jesus). Not a place to settle, but a starting point to go out and serve. 

What we do

We participate in the life of the Community by doing four things:


Connect through relationships we grow spiritually. We believe that life is better connected, and there’s no better place to find your people than in a Life Group.


Serve by being a part of the community means that everyone gets a chance to help out somewhere.
Volunteers are what make Waypoint function, and volunteering is one of the easiest ways to connect with even more people each week.


Give out of gratitude to God.
All of the service projects and ministry environments at Waypoint are made possible through the generosity of people just like you, who provide the resources necessary to make this community a better place.


Invite as we become fully engaged in the community and invest in the people around us.
We created Waypoint to be a community where you can confidently invite your friends to join us each Sunday morning. Our hope is that this would be a comfortable environment for first-time guests to walk through their questions when it comes to faith.