Baby Dedication

You might be wondering, what is a baby dedication? A better place to start this conversation would be with who is involved in a baby dedication?
Unlike a baptism, it is not you as person or parents, that commits your life to Jesus, but it is you, the parents that commit Your baby to God and to raise your Child to come to know Him and you ask God to guide and help you in this journey.
With your baby dedication we as community celebrate the fact that God’s plan has always been for all people to be in an intimate relationship with Him. And so He wants to be in a relationship with your little baby. We acknowledge the fact that God made the first move in our lives by sending His son Jesus to die for our sins and pave the way for an intimate relationship with Him. In your baby’s life He is also taking the first step. The way to a intimate relationship has been opened up by God and He commits Himself to your child as you as parents commits to raise your Child, dedicated to God.
You as parents, acknowledge before God and before our faith community as witnesses, that it is your desire to have your baby grow up in a relationship with God while you are growing in your relationship with God. This is not something that comes from teaching, but starts with the application of your love for Jesus, in the example of your life. You as parents lead by example. We as parents take ownership of the faith formation of our child.
Parents commit to helping their kids build and grow this relationship with God.
For Waypoint, children is our focus and we believe in building a generation of followers of Jesus, that will be light into a broken world. Thus, we as Waypoint community, strive to partner with you as parents in helping children grow a faith of their own. The responsibility rests with you as parents, which we acknowledge, but we love what Jesus did in our lives and see it as a privilege to be available and committed to your journey, as you invite our participation. We will do anything in our power to help and assist you with the journey of parenting and your Childs growth. As a faith community we are committed to helping this child build a faith foundation of their own.