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Tiaan Spies

Campus Pastor & Waypoint Band Leader 
Tiaan is a talented musician and singer with a passion for sharing the love of Jesus through music and he leads the Waypoint music ministry.
In addition, Tiaan leads all programs and events aimed at the next generation (Gen X & Y). 

Dirk van der Mescht

Life Group Pastor
Dirk is an excellent communicator with a passion and a gift for leading people into serving various service areas within Waypoint.
His heart for missions has lead him to engage and assist spiritual leaders at various churches to engage their communities and to get people involved in their local church.

Bennie Stadler

Caring Ministry & Administration
The Caring Ministry includes the social needs, service partners, family ministry, and more.
He is also responsible for Ministry Services which  includes co-ordination of progress of services and administration in several functions including human resources, finances, governance compliance and facilities.

Alta de Lange

Kids Ministry
Alta has 20 years experience in children’s ministry and leads Waypoint Kids Ministry for the ages of 2-13 years. Her passion and enthusiasm for leading young kinds into a personal relationship with Jesus. 

Maryka Momberg

SPD, Media & Social Media Director, Brand Custodian
Maryka is a talented and creative, young woman with a passion for film and design. She graduated from Nelson Mandela University with a BA (Hons) in Media Studies.
Maryka is responsible for the visual profile of Waypoint and ensures that you have a Sunday Morning experience. Contact Maryka if you are wanting to share your story or get involved on the creative side.

Jacques Whittle

Lead Pastor
Jacques Whittle is the Lead Pastor of Waypoint. He is spirit-led and drives the staff to step into their God-given purpose.
Jacques has a heart for people which makes him the ideal person to lead Waypoint and see us through to grow nationally by leading people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.
Jacques also has his own supply chain and logistics company, Nebula Group.