Most people want to make a difference, but don’t know how. Through Be Rich, churches all over the world partner with incredible nonprofits, supporting the incredible work they do.
As a church, we have the opportunity to make an incredible difference through OUR local nonprofit partners—and we’ll make it as simple as we know how.
What is Be Rich? We're glad you asked.
In 2007 North Point Ministries and Andy Stanley started Be Rich, a church-wide initiative to partner with exceptional nonprofits in their communities and around the globe.
Be Rich has grown into an annual generosity campaign mobilizing people to give, serve, and love. And as a North Point partner, we are a part of that!
Every rand given and every hour served will make a big difference as we come together to love our communities.
Let’s give, serve, and love our community like never before!

Be rich in 2021-2022

What is POPUP (People Upliftment Programme)

POPUP (People Upliftment Programme) has a holistic approach to the upliftment of under-privileged communities.POPUP operates a fully-fledged skills training and development centre to ensure independence, restoration and true upliftment of individuals through market-related, cost-effective training. They have developed several programmes over the years to ensure the fulfilment of the individual’s needs – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

At Waypoint, we want our community to know that we are FOR them, helping to uplift our neighbours who are struggling and leave a lasting impact in our society. That's why we are so excited to partner with POPUP in our Be Rich campaign, to be able to launch a very first POPUP centre in the Parsonsvlei-Bridgemeade-Greenbushes area. To do this we need your help, to give what you can, as we need R40,000 to make this happen.

To make a financial contribution, click on the GIVE (yellow) icon below to go to banking details. If you want to sign up to SERVE, click on the pink icon.

NB - remember to put BE RICH in your payment reference.