Teens Online

In consideration of the public health concerns related to COVID-19,
all our services will be online for the next few Sundays.

Transit - 17 may 2020

Grade 6 - 8

Our lives are full of relationships; you might be a friend, daughter, neighbor, brother, or teammate. We casually go through life never thinking about how we defined or selected these different relationships with the humans that are around us. Those relationships just sort of happened. But when it comes to defining our relationship with God, no word really seems to sum it all up: student, devotee, subject, or servant all lack the right meaning. So, which terms are best for this important and unique relationship? No matter what your idea of God is, He is first and foremost a Father full of love and pride for His “sons and daughters.”

Inside out - 22 may 2020

Grade 8 - 12

It feels like we are in unprecedented times—sheltering in place, the unceremonious end of school, and everyone in quarantine. We think no one has ever dealt with what we are facing. And yet there are a few examples of people in similar circumstances. The famous monk, author, and church revolutionary Martin Luther wrote much of his works during the Black Death quarantine. The best example of how to survive  in isolation might come from the most influential Christian writer of all time: Paul of Tarsus. He was shipwrecked, imprisoned, and  had lots of time alone. We’re going to look at some of his writings this month to find some advice on how to use this time the best we can.