In consideration of the public health concerns related to COVID-19,
all our services will be online for the next few Sundays.

Waumba Land - 20 September 2020

Pre school - Grade R

Parents, rise and shine! Make sure you have your breakfast because this video is all about food, and you might get hungry.
Today we'll hear about Abigail saving her family by bringing David and his army lots of food. She knew that God wants us to help others. 

Upstreet - 20 September 2020

Grade 1 - 5

We want our kids to know it’s not enough to just “get the job done.” To God, it matters HOW you do it. Today our kids will learn from the story of Daniel how to take every job and give it their BEST!
What are all the jobs you’re responsible for?
What is one way you’re going to do your best this week?