Let's talk: food

Join us Wednesday's 17:15 - 17:45 

Whether you are a food fundi (specialist) or you simply enjoy food; then this is the group that you want to hang out in. We are going to get creative about and with food and share some of our ideas and experiences we have had regarding food.

Join us Saturday Mornings

Do you love the outdoors, getting exercise and you feel like hanging out with some people?  Why not join the ‘Walk and Talk’ group on their next social distance hike?  All ages (kids under 18 to be supervised by their parents) and fitness levels are welcome.

Do you love the outdoors and you feel like hanging out with some people?
 The Kamp & Kuier (Camp and Connect) group are for people that love the outdoors and want to share that experience with other people.  Most people camp in caravans and we have some that use tents.  Often we camp at venues that have access to chalets as well.  If this strikes a chord with you then let us know so that we can let you know when we are heading out next.