Sunday Experiences

What to Expect at a Sunday Experience

Since day one, we’ve hoped Waypoint would be a welcoming church that makes it easy for anyone to connect, while making life better for the people in our windy city, even those who may never step through our doors. You can expect the Sunday experiences to last 60 minutes, and our messages are delivered by our pastors Dirk van der Mescht & Jacques Whittle. We do a video message now and again.

It is our hope that no matter your faith story or belief background, you will find a place at Waypoint.

We are looking forward to meeting you on Sunday.

Sunday Experience Details

09:30 – 10:30. Join us for coffee at 09:00

18:30 – 19:30. Grab a cup of coffee at 18:00

98 Ralston Road, Fernglen, Londt Park Sports Club.

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